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Urban and Inner-City Studies

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Urban and Inner-City Studies is an interdisciplinary major concerned with the examination of the city, and particularly the inner city, as a dynamic environment. A special feature of this program is that most courses are offered at our North End Campus at Merchants Corner, 541 Selkirk Avenue, in order to provide students with a deeper insight into important urban issues.

The rapid growth of urban poverty, typically associated with racism and inadequate housing and related problems, is an especially important problem in cities in Canada and throughout the world today. Urban and Inner-City Studies is a program that examines such issues especially closely, and will be of particular interest to students with a concern for social justice and positive social change. Our courses focus on such issues as: the urban Indigenous experience, poverty, the law and public policy, community development, the refugee experience, the role of women in the inner city, and urban and community planning.

Cities in Canada continue to face great challenges: managing suburban growth, promoting inner-city revitalization, coping with rapidly changing demographics, and dealing with increasing concentrations of poverty and social and political exclusion. The UIC program examines all these challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective.

This program includes two 2-Year Certificates, both of which can lead to a Bachelor of Arts (3-year, 4- year, or Honours) with a Major in Urban and Inner-City Studies. Students taking an undergraduate degree in another Major may add a Minor in Urban and Inner-City Studies as a secondary area of interest.

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