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Tippie College of Business

School Department: 

At the Tippie College of Business, you get the best of both worlds: everything a large Big Ten university has to offer and the small-college atmosphere that Tippie provides.

If you haven’t already, take time to explore Tippie. Between six in-demand majors, vast entrepreneurship resources, and life-changing experiences beyond the classroom, Tippie offers more than a typical university experience in one of America’s greatest college towns.

Admissions options for international students

Most international students join Tippie through standard admission. You begin as a prebusiness major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and typically apply to Tippie around the start of your second year.

A growing number of international students are becoming Tippie students in their first year through the Direct Admit Program. Students directly admitted to Tippie have access to Tippie’s resources, first-year scholarships, and experiences from day one. On-campus programs like Tippie buddies, English language discussion circles, and Tippie student organizations all support a smooth transition to your life in a new country.

While a large number of international students may not meet the criteria for direct admission, applicants with strong academic profiles are encouraged to petition.

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