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Statistics deals with the collection, analysis, presentation, and interpretation of numerical data.

Today’s society is awash in information and data; the Internet has the capacity to flood us with raw information. Politicians, interest groups, and the media constantly cite numbers, ratios, and percentages to bolster points of view. Whose numbers can we believe? Does a certain pesticide cause cancer? Is the economy really up? Is that new medical treatment really effective? Statistics offers the tools to answer these kinds of questions. It has an almost limitless scope of application.

Many people use statistics poorly. Our courses in statistics and probability theory give students the background to use statistics carefully and correctly, with integrity and confidence. Theoretical courses stress the logical development of statistical methods, while our applied courses focus on the application of statistical methods to interpreting numerical data. Since computer programs are required in the analysis of large data sets, students will find it useful to study statistical computing and programming.

This program leads to either a Bachelor of Science degree (3-year or 4-year) or a Bachelor of Arts degree (3-year or 4-year) with a Major in Statistics. Students taking a degree in another Major may choose to enhance their degree by adding a Minor in Statistics as a secondary area of interest.

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