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Sociology is a social science that uses theoretical and scientific methods of research to investigate the social world.​

Sociology is an examination of the relations between the “individual” and “society.” Studying sociology can help you to develop a “sociological imagination” which is a quality of mind that gives us the ability to understand our own personal experiences as they are shaped by the society in which we live. Sociology tells us how and why certain ideas are taken for granted and become popular and dominant during different social, economic, and historical time periods. Sociology is often referred to as the “queen of the social sciences” because it uses history, philosophy, economics, and statistics to understand social phenomena like crime rates, social inequality, student protest, and changes taking place in capitalist democracies.

Sociology students learn a variety of rigorous methods used by contemporary sociologists to understand and explain the social world. In part, this involves developing foundational skills in statistical reasoning, qualitative research methods, and sociological theory. A degree in sociology provides the analytical tools required for engaged citizenship.

This program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree (3-year, 4-year, or Honours) with a Major in Sociology. Students taking a degree in another Major may choose to add a Minor in Sociology as a secondary area of interest. Also available through the Sociology Department is a Research Methods Certificate.

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