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This seminar will allow us to demonstrate very precisely the impact of neonatal cranial lesions on the health of premature infants, children and teenagers.

The education will also highlight the mechanical link between:

 • Occlusal pathologies and head morphotype, the malocclusion and lesions of sphenobasilar symphysis.

 • Infections of the ORL and osteopathic lesions of the upper jawbone

 • Digestive diseases and lesions of the skull base

 • Neurological diseases or neuro-vascular and temporomandibular injuries.

 • Pediatric pathologies of premature and neonatal sutures lesions.


This seminar is a remarkable step forward in the understanding and treatment of many pediatric diseases.

It brings a new vision of the classic pediatric for infant and child follow-up. It significantly improves the load pediatric taken in the short, medium and long term, defining pathognomonic patterns of children with a highly individualized and non-standard method of analysis.