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Religion and Culture

School Department: 

The study of religion focuses on the human search for meaning and purpose in life.

If you want to understand where the search for meaning and purpose has taken some of the world’s people, consider pursuing religious studies. Religion & Culture at The University of Winnipeg will familiarize you with the quest for meaning and purpose as it is expressed in stories, rituals, codes of conduct, canonical texts, and cultural values.

The Religion & Culture program does not promote any one religion or any particular faith; we study religion as an important aspect of culture and society and promote critical enquiry, understanding, and tolerance. We explore religion in four areas: Historical Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; Religion and Modern Western Culture; Asian Religions and Cultures; and Indigenous Religious Traditions. The scope of religions we cover ranges from traditional Western religions like Judaism and Christianity, to local Indigenous traditions, Islam, and Asian traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism).

This program leads to a Bachelor of Arts (3-year, 4-year, or Honours) with a Major in Religion & Culture. The Department of Religion & Culture also offers a Joint Master’s program in cooperation with the University of Manitoba. Students taking an undergraduate degree in another Major may choose to add a Minor in Religion & Culture as a secondary area of interest.

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