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Philosophy is the use of reason and dialogue to understand and try to answer questions that are common to all human beings about what is of value, what is real, and what we can know.

Philosophy is concerned with questions that any person, at any time or place, can wonder about and seek to answer. Such questions include: Can we prove that God exists? What is justice? What is the best life for me? How can I know when I am right and when I am mistaken? Where do my ideas come from?

The Philosophy Department at The University of Winnipeg has had a long and successful commitment, distinctive among Manitoba’s universities, to teaching philosophy historically. Students read texts by authors from every period in the history of philosophy and from many parts of the world. This allows students to consider a wide range of answers to philosophical questions as well as to understand the origins of the ideas that influence our thinking about ourselves and our society today.

This program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree (3-year, 4-year, or Honours) with a Major in Philosophy. Students taking an undergraduate degree in another Major may choose to add a Minor in Philosophy as a secondary area of interest.

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