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MS Territorial Development Str@tegy


The  MS Territorial Development Str@tegy  trains Territorial Developers to be able to foster the emergence of local projects within the framework of territorial development schemes.

This programme is offered exclusively to cooperative students.

Learning Objectives

  • Acquisition of multidisciplinary skills (marketing, communication, agri-food techniques, law).
  • Taking on managerial responsibilities
  • Setting up launching, monitoring and development strategies for agri-food products

Strong Points

  • A Double Degree: Specialised MS and listed on the National Registry of Occupations (RNCP Level 1 )
  • A programme offered with Cooperative Track as a professional training contract option
  • Rich pedagogical content with many recognised experts in their fields
  • A programme designed with a project management approach, closely linked to Territorial Marketing
  • A Programme with additional professional tools: Cooperative Track, business dating, professional colloquia, talks
  • Residential seminars in Southampton, Oxford and Brussels
  • A cohort of a manageable size with personalised monitoring
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