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MS Entrepreneurship


The MS Entrepreneurship programme trains tomorrow’s CEOs and managers, to be able to take up a variety of operational responsibilities, to take over floundering or thriving business organisations, to start their own firms, but also to act as the right hand to senior managers or become strategic consultants

Learning Objectives

  • Developing your autonomy and capacity for adapting Developing new skills in management, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
  • Being able to diagnose and audit a business
  • Managing projects

Strong Points

  • Dual skills in management and entrepreneurship/innovation   
  • A real-life in-company experience via 2 consulting projects, 2 challenges and an internship as the ‘right arm’ of a CEO
  • An opportunity to join the InsIDE incubator (offering acculturation, support, hosting, funding), the School’s institute specialised in innovation and entrepreneurship dedicated to student entrepreneurs
  • A strong professional network thanks to numerous contacts with the world of business
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