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Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCOE) | American University of Sharjah

Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCOE)

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Computer engineering plays a crucial role in how the future is defined: choosing our Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCoE) program means choosing the possibility to be at the forefront of the world's leading technology firms for the rest of your career.

An increasingly more vital part of everyday life, computer engineering relates to how some of today's most innovative devices are created.

An academic path distinct from a graduate degree in computer science, which is the systematic study of algorithmic methods for representing and transforming information, computer engineering relates to the design and prototyping of computing devices and systems.

As a computer engineering graduate, you will have the necessary knowledge and experience to pursue cutting-edge projects in the area of hardware and computer development, networks and software creation.

Representing the ideal stepping stone for students with a solid background in mathematics, science and engineering, this master's degree in computer engineering will put you in the ideal position to progress into some of the region and the world's finest technology companies in sectors such as computer hardware, computer systems, mobile phones, communications, banking and computer games.


The mission of the Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCoE) program at AUS is to prepare professionals for advanced careers and/or doctoral studies related to computer engineering. The program strives to create a stimulating academic environment that promotes excellence in teaching and research to assist the students in becoming competent, innovative and responsible professionals with effective communication skills.


Graduates of the MSCoE program will be prepared to:

  • Be successful professionals in a specialized area of computer engineering
  • Maintain a desire for research, innovation and lifelong learning
  • Uphold the responsibilities of the engineering profession


Upon graduation, an AUS MSCoE graduate should demonstrate the ability to:

  • Perform research emphasizing creativity, independent learning and scientific methods in a chosen area of computer engineering
  • Apply advanced mathematics and engineering knowledge in identifying, formulating and solving engineering problems
  • Select and use techniques, skills and modern tools necessary for research or professional practice
  • Communicate effectively
  • Recognize the need for, and engage in, lifelong learning
  • Attend to professional and ethical responsibilities
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