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Geography is a discipline that integrates the natural and social sciences; it explains how human and environmental systems function and interact.

The University of Winnipeg Geography program is divided into four areas of study:

  • Physical Geography examines components of the natural environment including landforms, weather and climate, soils and vegetative systems, and their impacts on humans.
  • Human Geography focuses on variations in the “human landscape” around the world–its agricultural systems, cities, industries, cultural expressions, and the particular problems faced by different societies.
  • Regional Geography combines both the physical and human features within specific areas of the world and provides a comprehensive understanding of the area in question.
  • Geomatics courses develop skills in cartography, map reading, interpretation of satellite images, and— using the department’s computer labs—computer mapping, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), satellite image analysis, and statistical data analysis.

This program can lead to a Bachelor of Science Degree (3-year, 4-year, or Honours) or a Bachelor of Arts Degree (3-year, 4-year, or Honours). Students taking an undergraduate degree in another major may choose to add a Minor in Geography as a secondary area of interest.

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