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Environmental Studies and Sciences

School Department: 

The Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences provides interdisciplinary programs that have a holistic view of the environment. Following the general principles of sustainability, the courses provide an integrated approach to understanding the environment, acknowledging human impact, and providing a framework to develop solutions to environmental problems.

Students in the BA degree program in Environmental Studies choose from two streams:

  • Sustainable Environmental Resource Systems - This stream provides a solid grounding in the social, political, and economic aspects of sustainable development; students may specialize in either Canadian or developing world issues.
  • Sustainable Urban Environments - This stream not only recognizes the link between humans and the environment, but concentrates specifically on the environmental problems and issues related to urban expansion.

This program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree (3-year, 4-year, or Honours).

Students in the BSc program choose from four different streams:

  • Forest Ecology - study of forest ecology, biology, and sustainable forest management and the role our forests play within the overall management of other natural resources
  • Forest Policy and Management – study of forest ecology and biology, with a focus on the administrative and cultural practices and the role of stakeholders in forest policy and management
  • Chemistry - study of the fundamental chemical nature of the environment with a focus on organic and inorganic chemistry and biochemistry
  • Global Environmental Systems - study of biogeochemical systems, environmental/ land management techniques, and human impact on the environment

This program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree (4-year or Honours).

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