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This program offers the study of literature, the English language, and the process of writing.

Studies in English enrich your enjoyment and understanding of all forms of literature. In the English program you will read a wide variety of texts, study the English language, and investigate and practice the process of writing. You will be asked to consider questions such as how culture, gender, ethnicity, race, social class, and/or historical context affect the texts you read.

The English Department offers courses in literary periods that range from classic to contemporary, focusing on writers from Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare to Carol Shields and Tomson Highway. The department also offers courses in historical periods, genres, children’s literature, women and literature, popular literature, gay and lesbian literature, creative writing, language and linguistics.

This program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree (3-year, 4-year, or Honours) with a Major in English. The 4-Year BA offers students three areas of specialization: Creative Writing; Young People’s Texts and Cultures; and Screen and Cultural Studies.

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