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Economics and Finance

School Department: 

Economics and Finance is the study of the role that financial instruments and financial markets play in a modern market economy. Knowledge of Economics and Finance is critical to an understanding of the way in which investors, private firms and governments use financial instruments and markets.

Economics and Finance analyzes how financial instruments and markets can contribute to the well-being of all members of society. These instruments and markets allow consumers to invest in private firms, entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, and public officials to manage their debt. Economics and Finance also studies how best to manage and regulate these markets in order to ensure they operate for the benefit of all stakeholders in the economy.

You will learn how financial instruments and financial markets are used by consumers, investors, managers and governments to spread and manage risk in order to further their objectives. To help you understand these issues, you will study economics, business theory and policy, including accounting and marketing, as well as related subjects. Topics such as the role and operation of modern financial instruments, for example options, futures and derivatives, will also be studied.

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