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Developmental Studies

School Department: 

Developmental Studies deals with the analysis of biological, environmental, and social factors that influence both individual and group development.

Developmental Studies draws perspectives and methods from many disciplines to provide a coherent analysis of development. As such, it has specific relevance to a growing number of occupations and professions, especially in the areas of child care, gerontology, and family studies. There are three streams available within the Developmental Studies Program:

  • A – Individual Human Development: This stream concentrates on individual human development, ranging from prenatal and infant development to adolescent psychology and gerontology.
  • B – Comparative Biological Development: This stream is concerned with animal development, ranging from animal physiology, chemistry, and genetics to evolution, zoology, and primatology.
  • C – Child Development and Child Care: This is a joint program offered by The University of Winnipeg and either Red River College or the Université de Saint-Boniface. See separate fact sheet for details.

Streams A, B, and C lead to a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree. Stream C additionally leads to a two- year Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

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