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Classics is the study of ancient Greek and Roman culture – a history intertwined with the history of the world.

Democracy began in Greece. The Roman Empire rose and fell. There were extraordinary and enduring achievements in art, literature, and philosophy. All this is highlighted by the legacies of great writers such as Plato, Sophocles, Virgil, and Cicero. Classics’ influence can be found in today’s religions, movies, literature, politics, journalism, and advertising, and continues to be a source of creative inspiration for writers, artists, filmmakers, and software designers across the globe. If you have a desire to understand our modern world, studying Classical civilization is an ideal way to begin; ancient Greek and Latin form the basis of over 60% of English words, so if you want to improve your ability to communicate precisely and gain access to thousands of years of literature, Classical Languages is a perfect way to start.

In the Classics program, you may choose to concentrate on classical civilization or study the classical languages. Classics is also an ideal supplement to other programs of study. Since they offer an interdisciplinary approach to the study of an interesting and influential culture, courses in this program provide an exceptional background not only for study at the graduate level in many areas besides Classics, but also for many careers requiring concise communication and critical thinking skills.

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