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Biology is the study of any form of life, from the DNA molecule to the interactions of organisms within the various ecosystems of the earth.

Biology is a broad discipline, which includes the subject areas of botany, zoology, microbiology, cell biology, ecology, and genetics. It examines all life forms from the simple to the complex, and is an ideal partner to study in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. If you have an aptitude for science and possess a keen desire to understand the living world, you will find the study of biology very rewarding.

At The University of Winnipeg, we teach a wide range of courses and offer active research programs in botany ecology, forest ecology, mosquito biology, evolutionary genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary physiology, soil microbiology and remediation, limnology, bioinformatics, genomics, dendrochronology, behavioural biology of birds, effects of UV radiation on the environment, and cell biology.

Biology can be explored in several different programs of study at The University of Winnipeg which can lead to a Bachelor of Science degree (3-year, 4-year, or Honours).

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