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Bioanthropology is a unique program that combines aspects of anthropology with the biological and physical sciences. It is designed to examine human biological systems of the past and present.

This program combines the information and methodologies of anatomy, physical anthropology, archaeology, biochemistry, and biology with the techniques of the physical sciences to examine human biological systems of the past and present. The core program has required elements in biology, chemistry, and anthropology.

You’ll gain an understanding of comparative anatomy, cellular biology, and methods in human and primate evolution and archaeology, and obtain experience in up-to-date laboratory techniques and procedures.

The Bioanthropology program offers you the option of combining two exciting disciplines to create a skill set that is interesting and unique. It is designed to appeal to people interested in human biology as well as those going on to professional programs in medicine and dentistry. Graduates with a 4-year degree may also pursue graduate studies in anthropology or biology.

Bioanthropology is an interdisciplinary program that allows you to customize your university education to fit your educational and career goals by taking courses from a number of different disciplines or areas. This program is founded primarily on courses from the departments of Anthropology, Biology, and Chemistry.

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