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Bachelor of Science in Design Management | American University of Sharjah

Bachelor of Science in Design Management

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Put your best foot forward as a future design manager with a Bachelor of Science in Design Management from CAAD.

Do you have a passion for creative design and an interest in the business world? Do you get inspired by the creative process and jump at the chance to plan and lead projects that make an impact? 

With a Bachelor of Science in Design Management, you can serve as a strategic bridge between the creative and business worlds. Using the skills of a project manager, designer, strategist, and user interface and experience designer, you can play an essential role in building and fostering creative cultures and maintaining a people-centered mindset, while driving organizations to meet their objectives through efficient and creative design.

A degree in design management offers you an array of exciting career opportunities, from working in a client service department within an organization as you oversee efficiently executed projects from concept to execution, to working with event managers to plan and promote events and productions. With your entrepreneurship skills, you can establish new design companies by formulating business plans, developing marketing strategies and establishing the right teams for the job, or set yourself up as a freelance design manager for individuals or organizations requiring specialist project management.

Get the best of both worlds.

Through our Bachelor of Science in Design Management we offer you the unique opportunity to study design in the wider context of entrepreneurship and management. And as the premiere institution for design management in the region, we’ll give you the practical knowledge, the technical skills that you’ll need to launch an exciting career as a design manager. You will also be offered real-world experience through our professional internship program, to make sure you are workplace ready as soon as you graduate.

Your freshman experience will begin with a one-year foundations program, which all CAAD students must complete before advancing into their major field of study. Through this program, you will develop a basic practical and critical understanding of design principles.

To make sure you have the creative skills to do your job, we’ll give a working knowledge of design methodology and applications, image making, web design and visualizing, along with the chance to concentrate on one of these areas as part of your overall studies at CAAD.

Taking a dual focus on design and business, your foundation as a creative designer will be complemented by the skills and knowledge you gain through relevant business classes offered by the School of Business Administration, including management, marketing and economics.

Get the recognition you deserve.

Our four-year Bachelor of Science in Design Management curriculum meets and even exceeds established international accreditation criteria, in order to make you well prepared to jump straight into the professional world as design manager in the United Arab Emirates, throughout the region and around the world.

Learn from the professionals.

As you work alongside our outstanding faculty, you’ll benefit from their experience and expertise as industry professionals. Your instructors are highly qualified and critically acclaimed experts in their respective fields, taking you through an interactive, interdisciplinary journey of learning, discovery and creativity.

Show them what you’ve got.

To give you every opportunity to succeed in your career as a design manager, we’ll make sure you leave the program with a detailed portfolio of your work that demonstrates your fresh new skills and comprehensive knowledge of the world of design management.

Have the winning advantage in the creative workforce.

Our students are in demand by a wide range of organizations that require professionals with strong management skills and an understanding and appreciation of the creative process. Our graduates are working as design directors for public and private corporations, and design and advertising agency account executive, among a range of other positions, while many are actively recruited by galleries, events organizations and museums throughout the region.

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