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At the University of Manitoba, the faculty of Engineering offers 5 areas of study: Biosystem Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering with an option in Aerospace Engineering.

Biosystem Engineering integrates life sciences with engineering, from the molecular to the ecosystem.  Students in this program will be engaged in problem solving in the area of environmental control, bio-processing for food and pharmaceutical, bio-medical engineering, to name a few.  Students will be trained to apply what they learn in the classroom towards practical strategies and solutions for the well-being of humans and animals.         

Civil Engineering is the area of study that focuses on the planning, designing, and the building of infrastructure projects such as bridges, dams, highways, and buildings.  Students will learn about the nature of materials, fluid mechanics, structural design, and so much more. 

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering programs prepare students for an exciting career related to development of electronics and computing technologies that is used behind anything from every devices such as television, cell phones, microwave ovens, video game systems, to mega projects in infrastructure, transportation and aerospace.   

Mechanical Engineering is the use of principles of mechanics, materials and energy to design machines and processes. The Mechanical Engineering program allows great flexibility and choice with an Aerospace option and Manufacturing Option, and specialites in energy systems, advanced materials and solid mechanics.

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