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The department of Computer Graphics and Animation (CGA) at KIC currently offers a two-year associate degree program in graphic design and 3D animation.


The offered program is a unique, vibrant and dynamic one that provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to compete for a wide range of opportunities in a variety of fields.

Our graduates can work at

advertising agencies

publishing houses

animation studios

production and post-production houses

TV channels

interior design and architectural visualization companies

games developing studios

and many more. The program focuses on technical skills as well as the underlying principles and concepts of computer graphics and animation using state-of-the art industry standard software packages such as Autodesk Maya, Pixologic Zbrush and Adobe suite.

To provide our students with hands-on experience of the most recent and up-to-date techniques in the visual effects and animation industry, the CGA department is equipped with a motion capturing (MoCap) system for character animation practice, in addition to an audio visual studio that encompasses a green screen video shooting area and a sound recording insulated room. The CGA department is supported by highly qualified, skilled, and friendly faculty who additionally support, mentor, and advise students through arranging extracurricular activities such as educational trips, exhibitions, and employment advising workshops.

Special Features

• follows the real-world production process from conception through planning, design, implementation, testing and delivery with each course paying particular attention to its own role within the larger production process
• wide range of teaching and assessment methods used to ensure students can gain both detailed knowledge of the relevant theory and practical experience
• strong industry links and relevant practical experience through internship
• opportunities to continue their studies at higher levels (BSc) with partner institutions

What a graduate should know and be able to do on completion of the Program:

To gain the Associate of Science Degree in Computer Graphics and Animation, the learner will have demonstrated:

i) Subject knowledge and understanding,
ii) Cognitive skills
iii) Subject specific practical and professional skills
iv) Key transferable skills and other general skills specified in the learning outcomes of the Courses within the Program.

These outcomes will have been achieved by participation in lectures, tutorials and seminar sessions, involvement in workshops and practical based sessions, and carrying out independent study. Achievement of learning outcomes is assessed in a variety of ways appropriate to the subject matter including time-constrained assignments, large project work, examinations, oral and visual presentations and project reports.

Career Opportunities

Advertising Agencies and Companies

Print & Publishing Companies

Magazines and News Papers Houses

Design Centers

TVs & Broadcasting

Media and Video Production Houses

Animation Studios and Gaming

Interior Design Firms

Academic Opportunities

Program Completion Requirements

Students are required to successfully complete 23 courses (69 credits) in the Associate degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to qualify for the Associate Degree in Computer Graphics & Animation. The internship course must be taken in a short semester (ideally summer) by itself, i.e. a student cannot register for other courses while doing his/her internship. The minimum duration of the program is two years and the maximum duration is four years. Students who complete the program with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 are allowed to re-take some courses in order to improve their GPA.

The academic board at KIC may approve the award of the Associate degree certificate in Computer Graphics & Animation for students who complete the program in less than the minimum duration stated above for students who transfer from other institutions. The academic board at KIC may also approve the award of the associate degree certificate for students who complete the program in more than the maximum duration stated above for students who were given approved suspension of study.

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