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Vendor FAQ

This service is only available for Exhibiting Universities / Companies.

For companies not exhibiting at NAJAH, please contact us to find out how you can also be involved.

When you buy the Plus Package, our NAJAH Connect Team will provide you with your login details to have full access on NAJAH Connect dashboard. You can then upload any programme, course, video, brochure and other content in your University page at NAJAH Connect.

Then NAJAH Team will send you the list of all students’ queries and contacts that showed interest in your university and programmes / files that you’ve uploaded.

NAJAH Connect Team will also track which files / products are getting the most views and how many visitors have added you to their ‘Favourite List’ (a wish list of companies & programmes they want to see at NAJAH).

  • What is NAJAH Connect?

NAJAH Connect is a unique platform brought to you by Informa Global Exhibitions, the organizers of 27 exhibitions globally. It is a user-friendly platform that allows students & their parents to search for universities based on country, programme & sector.

It is a platform that allows Exhibitors to feature their programmes, courses and latest announcements via pdf or videos files throughout the year. It also allows you to connect with prospective students directly and share information with them including your courses and programmes.

  • What is a Favourite List?

The favourite list is a collection of exhibitors and programmes that students have shown interest in and would potentially like to meet at the NAJAH event. 

As an exhibitor at NAJAH you will get a basic entry listing in the Exhibitor Directory page, allowing students to see your company profile, stand number and your university logo.

You can upgrade your entry to the Plus Membership Package of NAJAH Connect to have full access to the platform and be able to upload programmes, videos, brochures and any content to gain student prospects.

Please contact us to find out more.

To have access to the Najah exhibitor dashboard you will need to have Basic plus or Premium package. Najah then collects all catalogue and sales requests, sending them directly to you. Track which products are getting the most views and how many people have added you to their ‘Favourite List’ (a wish list of companies & products they want to see at any of our events).

For companies not exhibiting at any Informa Global Exhibitions, please contact us to find out how you can also be involved.

We’re ready to help! Whether you need assistance establishing your exhibitor profile, loading content, or just have questions, Contact us for assistance!

The Najah Annual Subscriptions – Terms and Conditions may be found here.