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National Bank of Fujairah

Near East University
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Near East University

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Nebrija University

Universidad Nebrija is a private and independent university officially accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education. The University is named after the 15th-Century humanist, Antonio de Nebrija, who published the first grammar book of the Spanish language in 1492.


Universidad Nebrija has welcomed international students from its very inception. Before the university was officially created, the Center for Hispanic Studies Antonio de Nebrija began teaching and researching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Universidad Nebrija was born out of the Center for Hispanic Studies several years later, maintaining an international focus, as the University began to establish partnerships around the world for student and staff exchanges, collaboration in double degrees, research projects, and more.


Universidad Nebrija offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D. and non-degree programs to more than 8,000 students. True to its international mission, many of Nebrija’s degrees are offered with a bilingual option (Spanish and English). Professors include both native English speakers and Spaniards who have experience in multinational firms and institutions, all with years of experience.


The University has received students from all over the world who come to spend part of their academic training at Nebrija in different areas of study. Every effort is made to integrate international students into daily university life.


A few fast facts about Universidad Nebrija:


•     Nebrija University counts with a student body of more than 12,500 students.

•     Personalized attention is one of the hallmarks of Universidad Nebrija.

•     Madrid- Princesa Campus is located in the heart of Madrid, 5 minute walk from Spain Square.

•     Spanish language classes are available for all levels, from A1 (complete beginner) to C2 (native/heritage speaker).

•     Nebrija receives approximately 2,500 international students every year.

•     Nebrija has partnerships with more than 90 international universities for student mobility, staff exchange, double degree programs, summer programs, and short courses.


University Degrees


Nebrija University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in the following areas:

•     Higher Polytechnic School

•     Faculty of Education and Languages

•     Faculty of Social Sciences

•     Faculty of Communication and Arts

•     Faculty of Health Sciences


The Academic Programs are offered in three different modalities:

·        On-site

·        Blended

·        Online


Programs offered fully in English




Ø  International Relations

Ø  Economics and International Business

Ø  Tourism

Ø  Modern Languages


Ø  MBA + Expert in Technology Management

Ø  MBA + Tourism Business Management

Ø  Bilingual Teaching


International Programs


International students have the opportunity to combine Spanish- and English-language-taught courses while immersed in the academic and social life of the university.


• Integrated Programs with Spanish Students consist of regular degree courses (in a variety of disciplines, organized by Faculty).


• The Spanish Plus Program combine the studies of both Spanish language and culture with specialized courses in different academic areas, such as Business, History, Art, Law, and European Studies.


Different short-term, semester, and academic year-long programs allow students and their academic advisors to design a curriculum that best suits their particular needs.


Placement Test


On the first day of the program, students take a placement test to determine the appropriate Spanish language level. The test has both written and oral components.




On the first day of the program, students are given appropriate information regarding use of University facilities, life in Madrid (practical tips, leisure activities, cultural adaptation, etc.) and accommodations (expectations of host families/roommates, food, etc.).


University Facilities


Students have complete access to all facilities and events available to Spanish students, such as:

•     Libraries

•     Computer labs

•     Conferences and lectures

•     Cafeteria and recreation areas

•     Activities organized by Nebrija’s International Club


University Accommodation


University dorms: There are three university dorms managed directly by Universidad Nebrija:








Homestay: with Spanish Families, with two options: half- and full board.

Leisure and Cultural Activities

Students may sign up to participate in guided visits to museums and other sites of interest in Madrid. Extracurricular activities are also organized: excursions, movies, theatre, flamenco, concerts, football, tapas, paella, etc.

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Drawing from the wealth of its 150-year history, NEOMA Business School is a triple-accredited business school located in Reims, Rouen, and Paris. Ranked among the top 10 best schools in France and top 50 internationally, it offers high-quality management programmes, a culture of immersion and the most connected networks worldwide.

New York University Abu Dhabi
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New York University Abu Dhabi

Working for NYU Abu Dhabi, you will help build the world's first truly global university and research institute. The University's faculty and staff come from around the world; creating a culture of inclusion contributing to our success and also to the richness of the talented staff that we can attract.

Northern Ireland
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Northern Ireland Education

Northern Ireland’s world-class universities, Queen’s University Belfast & Ulster University will be present at the Northern Ireland stand (H3.E20) at NAJAH to advise students, parents & education counsellors of options for both undergraduate and postgraduate study. For more information contact Invest NI’s Regional Manager for International Education, Conal Doherty

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Notre Dame University - Louaize